We are having a look back to early 2022… In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many couples opted for early weddings in 2022. These early weddings allowed couples to celebrate their love while adhering to social distancing guidelines and avoiding the uncertainty of future lockdowns.

While early weddings may have seemed unconventional, they actually provided a unique opportunity for couples to create intimate and meaningful celebrations with their closest loved ones. Many couples opted for outdoor venues or small indoor gatherings with limited guest lists. These weddings were often more personal, with couples choosing to forego traditional wedding customs in favour of more personalised and intimate ceremonies.

Despite the challenges of planning a wedding during a pandemic, many couples found that the experience brought them closer together and strengthened their relationships. They were able to focus on what was truly important: their love and commitment to each other.

As we move forward into 2023, we can expect to see more couples opting for summer weddings. While the pandemic may still be present, couples have proven that they are resilient and determined to celebrate their love no matter the circumstances. We can look forward to more intimate, personalised celebrations that showcase the creativity and perseverance of couples in love.

Here are some pictures taking a look back to early 2022 of our weddings in January, and February last year…

Nathalie & Matthew
Katie & Owen
Jade and Luke