Don’t wait until the last minute to book your wedding car. It’s just as important as everything else! Your wedding car will be an essential part of your big day, providing you with a comfortable and luxurious ride to your ceremony and reception venues.  It will also be a focal point for many of your wedding photographs so you want to ensure it matches the overall theme and style of your wedding.  Moreover, if you wait until the last minute to book your wedding car, you risk limited availability or not finding the perfect vehicle that suits your needs.  Therefore, it is essential to plan ahead and book your wedding car early to avoid any disappointment and ensure that you have a stress free and memorable wedding day.

Wedding cars have been an important part of weddings for many years.  From the early days of horse drawn carriages to the modern luxury cars we see today, wedding cars have played a significant role in making a bride and groom’s special day even more special.  Over the years, there have been many types of wedding cars that have been used for weddings.  Some of the most popular types include vintage cars, classic cars, sports cars and luxury modern cars.  Rolls Royce and Bentley Vintage or Classic cars are among the most popular choices for wedding cars and their significance in modern weddings can be traced back to their rich history.

In the 1990s, Rolls Royce and Bentley were still popular choices for wedding cars and they continue to be a sought after choice for couples looking for a touch of elegance and luxury.  During this time, Rolls Royce had been producing the Silver Spirit since the mid 1980s which was a popular choice for weddings.  The Silver Spirit had a sleek and modern design and was known for its smooth ride and refined handling.  It was available in both standard and extended wheelbase versions, which made it suitable for larger wedding parties.

Bentley also released the Turbo R in the 1990s which was a high performance car that was perfect for couples who wanted a bit of excitement on their wedding day.  The Turbo R had a sleek and stylish design and it was known for its exceptional speed and handling.

Both Rolls Royce and Bentley were still producing cars by hand during this time which added to their exclusivity and luxury.  The craftsmanship that went into making these cars was unparalleled and it showed in the quality of the vehicles.

Today, Rolls Royce and Bentley cars from the 1990s are still a popular choice for weddings especially for couples who are looking for a classic and timeless style.  The Silver Spirit and the Turbo R are still highly sought after and they continue to make a statement at weddings with their elegance and sophistication.

Wedding cars hold a special significance in modern weddings.  They are a symbol of love and commitment and provide a luxurious and stylish way for the bride and groom to arrive at their wedding venue.  Many couples choose a wedding car that matches the theme of their wedding or reflects their personal style so don’t wait until the last minute to book your wedding car. It’s just as important as everything else!

Wedding cars have a rich history and continue to hold a significant place in weddings today.  No matter what car a couple chooses, a wedding car adds an extra touch of glamour and excitement to their wedding day and it will always be a cherished memory for the bride, groom and their guests.

Rolls Royce Silver Spirit Traditional White Wedding Car
Bentley Turbo R Stunning Vermilion Red Wedding Car