Congratulations to Eamon and Halyna who got married on Saturday 10th June 2023, the hottest day of the year yet and a day to remember as they celebrated their love on such a beautiful day.  For Eamon and Halyna’s wedding, their attention to detail and commitment to making their day truly special was evident in every aspect of the day’s events.

Eamon and Halyna's Wedding
Eamon and Halyna’s Wedding

Eamon and Halyna chose our traditional white Rolls Royce as the bridal car and our vermillion red Bentley Turbo R for the bridesmaids.  We were in awe as we pulled up to the luxurious Spa Hotel in Royal Tunbridge Wells where we were picking up the bride and her mother plus the 4 beautiful bridesmaids.

When Halyna stepped out of the Hotel entrance, we were blown away by her radiant beauty and beaming smile.  Her dress was absolutely stunning and very befitting for such a beautiful lady.  She travelled with her mother in the car and we followed the bridesmaids in the red Bentley down the A21, M25 to Swanley Village in Kent.

Halyna and her Mum

St Paul’’s Church, Swanley is set in the heart of the Kent countryside, it is one of the most picturesque churches in Kent.  With its pretty little lytchgate entrance and just a walk up to the church path to the door.

St Paul’s Church, Swanley, Kent

After the ceremony the Eamon and Halyna and their many guests posed for photographs in and around the church and the cars and a friend even brought along Halyna’s beautiful German Shepherd puppy Rocky to have some photos taken – even though he didn’t seem to recognise his mum in her wedding dress!  It was a beautiful moment though and the bond between Eamon, Halyna and their beloved pet added an extra layer of love and warmth to the occasion.

Eamon and Halyna's Wedding
The Newlyweds
Eamon and Halyna's Wedding

After the guests had left, we chauffeured the newlyweds and their bridesmaids back to the Spa Hotel in Tunbridge wells.  There, amidst the charming surroundings, more beautiful photographs were taken, capturing the couple’s joy and the enchantment of the day.

Eamon and Halyna's Wedding

Eamon and Halyna were undeniably a wonderful couple.  The love and happiness they shared was there and they were ready to go and celebrate their day.

As the sun set on this memorable day of Eamon and Halyna’s Wedding, it was obvious that for the happy couple, it was a celebration of love, elegance and joy and they created a day filled with cherished memories.

Congratulations to you both (and Rocky) and we wish you all the love, good fortune, health and happiness for your life’s journey together.