Ellie and Alex’s dream wedding at Danson House in Kent on May 27th 2022, was a romantic affair and a picture perfect celebration of their love story. Beneath the lovely blue skies of Kent, their special day unfolded with elegance and grace, surrounded by the historic charm of Danson House.

Ellie and Alex’s love story led them to France for a charming church wedding, but they chose Danson House for their grand English ceremony, surrounded by lush landscapes and timeless elegance. The couple’s decision to arrive in a luxurious white Rolls Royce added a touch of sophistication to the affair, making their entrance truly unforgettable.

Against the backdrop of Danson House’s historic charm and under the warmth of the sun, Ellie and Alex exchanged vows, marking the beginning of their journey as husband and wife. Their ceremony resonated with joyous laughter and heartfelt moments, creating cherished memories for all in attendance.

Their wedding at Danson House was not only a celebration of love but also a testament to their commitment and devotion, promising a future filled with happiness and cherished memories. From the stunning venue to the heartfelt moments shared, Ellie and Alex’s wedding was a testament to the timeless beauty of love and the magic of a perfect day in Kent.

Was lovely meeting Diane and James at Ellie and Alex’s dream wedding! A truly happy day for this amazing family. God bless and enjoy the rest of your lives together ❤️

Ellie and Alex's Dream Wedding at Danson House in Kent