In the heart of Gravesend, Kent, love blossomed into a beautiful union as James and Kerrie exchanged vows on Saturday, the 27th of April. As a luxury wedding car company in the south east, we were honoured to be part of their special day, providing James and Kerrie’s white Rolls Royce wedding car adorned with Cadbury purple ribbons delicately embellished with silver script.

Kerrie, in her stunning gown, radiated joy as she made her way to the church in our Rolls Royce. The choice of the majestic white car, complemented by the regal purple accents.

Despite the nerves and anticipation that accompany any wedding day, the weather held off, blessing the ceremony with gentle breezes and soft occasional sunlight. As James and Kerrie pledged their love in front of family and friends, our Rolls Royce stood as a symbol of timeless elegance, adding an extra touch of sophistication to their celebration.

Navigating the streets of Gravesend presented its challenges, especially when it came to parking at the church. However, our experienced chauffeur skilfully manoeuvring the Rolls Royce, ensuring that James and Kerrie arrived in style, without any hiccups.

While some may say there isn’t much to tell about a small wedding, every detail holds significance for the couple and their loved ones. From the carefully chosen colour scheme to the intricate design of the ribbons and bows adorning the car, every aspect was a reflection of James and Kerrie’s love story.

As the newlyweds embarked on their journey together, our Rolls Royce served as a luxurious carriage, whisking them away to their reception venue where the celebrations probably continued long into the night. It was an honour to be part of James and Kerrie’s special day, and we wish them a lifetime of happiness and love as they begin this new chapter together.

James and Kerrie’s White Rolls Royce Wedding