Jordan and Bonny’s wedding was held today, we were honoured to be a part of it.  As a reputable wedding car company, we were thrilled to provide our services to the couple and help make their day unforgettable.

Our traditional luxury white Rolls Royce was the perfect choice for the couple and we were pleased to see it looking stunning with pink ribbons and silver script, adding a touch of elegance to the occasion.  They chose to have their married name on the ribbon, it’s not the first time we have seen this and it’s nice to see they can’t wait to be called Mr and Mrs!

After the ceremony at The Manor Gatehouse in Dartford, our experienced and professional chauffeur drove the couple to their reception at The Manor Barn in Southfleet.  It was a comfortable and luxurious ride so the newlyweds could relax and enjoy the moment.

The Manor Barn was a lovely venue for Jordan and Bonny’s wedding, it provided the perfect setting for the couple’s reception.  We are proud to be part of this special occasion and pleased to see that our car had made a great impression on the couple and their guests.

We wish Jordan and Bonny, now Mr and Mrs Street, a wonderful and happy life together.

Jordan and Bonny’s Wedding
Jordan and Bonny's Wedding Friday 28th April 2023