Karen and Josh’s beautiful wedding this time last year was a day filled with love, joy and cherished memories.  On June 2nd 2022, the couple exchanged vows at Bromley Registry Office in Kent, creating an everlasting bond witnessed by their closest family and friends.

As the anticipation built, guests eagerly awaited the arrival of the radiant bride. Karen made a stunning entrance in our vermillion red Bentley alongside her proud father.  The gleaming exterior of the car perfectly complimented her radiant smile and added an extra touch of elegance to the occasion.

Accompanied by her bridesmaids, treated to a luxurious ride in our white Rolls Royce and with the two cars side by side in a very grand arrival, this set the tone for the unforgettable day ahead.

Bromley Registry office was a picturesque setting for Karen and Josh’s beautiful wedding this time last year.  It is where they sealed their heartfelt vows, embracing the start of their beautiful journey together as husband and wife.

Following the ceremony, Karen and Josh made a choice that reflected their personalities and preferences.  They opted for a ride to their reception in the red Bentley.  The couple embarked on a romantic journey to their reception at Keston Village Hall.  The sleek and luxurious car provided them with an intimate space to savour their newlywed status and bask in the joy of their union.

Karen and Josh's beautiful wedding this time last year

The Rolls Royce arrived first as the bride and groom always must arrive to their awaiting guests.  When we pulled up to the Hall all their guests were lining up outside to cheer them on.  What a wonderful day for them both.  As the happy couple stepped out of the Bentley they were greeted with applause and cheers, filling the air with excitement and warmth.

We left the newlyweds to revel in their joyous reception so they could celebrate with their loved ones and it only remains for us to wish them a very happy first wedding anniversary.