Love was definitely in the air as this Valentine’s Day couples around the world celebrated their affection for one another.  Amongst the romantic gestures and heartfelt declarations of love, some undoubtedly took the ultimate leap into forever by proposing.  What better way to elevate this momentous occasion than with the perfect wedding car for your proposal?

Imagine, you have meticulously planned the perfect proposal.  The setting is picturesque, the ring is sparkling and your heart is pounding with anticipation.  As you get down on one knee and profess your love, a luxurious Rolls Royce or Bentley wedding car stands by, ready to whisk you both away into a future filled with love and adventure.

Love is in the Air: The Perfect Wedding Car for your Proposal

Here at Lady R Wedding Cars, we understand the importance of every detail when it comes to your special day.  That is why we offer exquisite Rolls Royce and Bentley Wedding Car Hire complete with a professional chauffeur to ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience.

Our two elegant vehicles exude sophistication and timeless beauty making them the perfect compliment to your love story.  Whether you envision a classic Rolls Royce Silver Spirit or a sleek Bentley Turbo R, we have the perfect car to match your elegant occasion.  

What we can offer you:

Our services go beyond just transportation.  We believe that every moment leading up to your big day should be filled with love, joy and excitement.  That is why we strive to create a personalised experience for each couple, ensuring that every ride with us is as magical as the love you share. Our personalised experience ranges from the flowers inside the car to make your trip magical to offering personalised ribbons on the bonnet with your names and date of the wedding printed on them – a lovely keepsake at the end of the day, perfect for the top table or your wedding box.

Did you propose this Valentine’s day?  If not, don’t worry, there is never a wrong time to declare your love and start planning your happily ever after.  When you do, remember that Lady R Wedding cars are here to make every moment of your journey together truly unforgettable.

When love is in the air, we have the perfect wedding car for your proposal.  Let us be a part of your love story and help you create memories that will last a lifetime.  Contact us today to book the wedding car of your dreams and embark on the adventure of a lifetime.