Congratulations Martin and Regina who married today 8th August 2022 at The Archbishop’s Palace, Maidstone in Kent. What a beautiful sunny day. Martin and Regina loved our traditional white Rolls Royce for their wedding car and really enjoyed the majestic ride!

Martin and Regina’s love story reached its enchanting pinnacle in a dazzling ceremony at the historic Palace in Maidstone. The scene was set for an unforgettable celebration, made even more magical as they made their grand entrance in a luxurious Silver Spirit wedding car.

The gleaming vehicle, adorned with elegance, reflected the couple’s sophisticated taste and mirrored the radiant joy that filled the air. Martin and Regina exchanged vows beneath the awe-inspiring architecture of the Archbishop’s Palace, a testament to their commitment in a place steeped in history and charm.

To complement the silver allure of their chosen wedding car, the couple opted for white ribbons with delicate silver script. These ribbons gracefully adorned the car, adding an extra layer of sophistication to their journey into matrimonial bliss. As the ceremony concluded, the couple fondly received these ribbons as keepsakes, a tangible reminder of the beautiful moments they shared on their special wedding 8th August 2022.

The Silver Spirit wedding car not only transported Martin and Regina in style but also became a symbol of the silver thread weaving their lives together. Their union, marked by elegance and timeless love, unfolded against the backdrop of Maidstone’s architectural splendour, creating memories that will sparkle in their hearts for a lifetime.

Thank you for choosing Lady R Wedding Cars. We wish you a lovely life together.

Martin and Regina 8th August 2022