Congratulations to Nicholas and Erin who tied the knot in St Albans Church Frant, Tunbridge Wells on 28th May 2022. They chose our traditional white Rolls Royce Silver Spirit with gold personalised ribbons which looked absolutely stunning.

Nicholas and Erin 28th May 2022

In the heart of Tonbridge Wells, amidst the picturesque Kent countryside of the United Kingdom, love blossomed as Nicolas and Erin exchanged vows in a radiant ceremony basking in the warmth of the sun. Their wedding was not just a celebration of their union but a testament to the beauty of love itself.

The quaint charm of Tonbridge Wells provided the perfect backdrop for this joyous occasion. As the sun cast its golden hues upon the landscape, guests gathered to witness the love story unfold. The ceremony, held in a sun-kissed garden, echoed with laughter and heartfelt promises.

Nicolas and Erin’s love radiated brighter than the sun that graced their special day. Their journey together, marked by unwavering devotion and mutual respect, served as an inspiration to all in attendance.

In Tonbridge Wells, amidst the beauty of nature and the warmth of the sun, Nicolas and Erin embarked on a new chapter of their lives together, a chapter filled with love, laughter, and endless sunshine. We wish them a very happy life together.