This time last year Tony and Kerry tied the knot at the picturesque Manor Gatehouse in Dartford.

Following the dissolution of Dartford Priory, Henry VIII chose the site to construct a Manor House between 1541 and 1544 for his personal use. Anne of Cleves was given the Manor House as part of her divorce settlement by Henry, and lived there between 1553 and 1557. Elizabeth I retained the use of the Manor House but only stayed there on two occasions. Today it is just the Gatehouse that remains, offering a choice of two rooms for wedding ceremonies.

We had the pleasure of chauffeuring Tony and Kerry to their wedding in our luxurious white Rolls Royce.  They were a lovely couple and even though Kerry was nervous, we did our best to put her at ease so that Tony and Kerry tied the knot!

The wedding was intimate and was filled with happiness.

We’re happy to wish Tony and Kerry a happy first wedding anniversary and all the best for their future together.

This Time Last Year Tony and Kerry Tied the Knot
This time last year Tony and Kerry Tied the Knot