Our lovely Tina and Wayne married at Danson House today 1st June 2022.

They chose both our luxury Classic Cars, Tina enjoying her majestic ride in the white Rolls Royce and Wayne and the boys in the red Bentley Turbo R. Classic cars for a wonderfully classic couple.

Congratulations to you both and hope you enjoyed your journeys in both LadyR our white Rolls Royce Silver Spirit bridal car and The Wing Commander red Bentley Turbo R for the boys.

Tina and Wayne’s lovely wedding at Danson House on 1st June 2022 was nothing short of enchanting. The historic charm of Danson House provided a perfect backdrop for their celebration. The couple chose both of our classic cars to make a grand entrance and exit, adding an extra touch of elegance to their special day. As Tina, adorned in timeless grace, walked up the steps, Wayne’s eyes lit up with admiration. The classic cars, a symbol of their journey together, transported them into the next chapter of their lives. Surrounded by the beauty of Danson House and the warmth of their love, Tina and Wayne’s wedding was a day filled with joy, making memories that will last a lifetime.

We wish you both a very happy life together ❤️.